Equipped in the VW cars produced over the last few years, the App Connect infotainment system has streamlined access to entertainment and technology features for drivers, and updates for the new 2017 Volkswagen models that include Android Auto make it even easier to stay connected by providing hands-free access to select mobile apps.

Using it is pretty simple. Any Android phone using an appropriately updated operating system can link up to the vehicle via USB port after having installed the Android Auto app from the Google Play store. Any time you enter your vehicle, just pull up that app, hook it up via USB, and get ready to see how fun and easy it can be to be both entertained and informed while behind the wheel of your vehicle.

To ask Google to do something using Android Auto, drivers can either perform a long press of the "talk" button on the steering wheel or hit the little microphone icon on the touchscreen interface. From there they can ask the vehicle to do pretty much anything they could ask their phone to do.

They can, for example, access navigation through Google Maps, and that includes entering an address using voice commands rather than typing it in. It also possesses the ability to search points of interest like restaurants, hotels, and gas stations.

Furthermore, Google Play, Spotify, iHeartRadio and more audio services are available via voice commands, accessing all the great music from your phone and playing it through your vehicle. Android Auto can even read and send text messages while you're driving, too, all hands-free.

Here at Tom Wood Volkswagen, we want Indianapolis, IN customers to make the most of their new Volkswagen Jetta or Volkswagen Tiguan models through the use of App Connect and Android Auto. It really will make your life easier!
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