It certainly does seem like the name of the game for Volkswagen these days is "electric." In our last post we detailed how much work Volkswagen has put into establishing a series of fast-charging electric vehicle stations up and down the country's two major coasts, but that's not the only way VW is trying to gain a foothold on the next generation of electric automobiles.

We know, for example, that the automaker has plans to start producing millions of EVs in the next half decade, some of which undoubtedly will be the electric version of the Volkswagen Golf, but based on recent information it also looks like there soon will be a new EV that they hope will be as revolutionary as the Volkswagen Beetle.

The automaker plans to debut this new electric vehicle at the Paris Auto Show and they have already revealed a few teaser images that suggest it will in fact be something that turns a few heads and draws some significant intrigue. So far, VW is calling the vehicle a "new ambassador to the automotive world," and they are hinting that it will show off the "brand's entry into a new era," both of which are things we're very much looking forward to as your Volkswagen dealership serving Greenwood, IN.

Volkswagen has said they'd like to introduce as many as 30 new electric models in the next few years, and here at Tom Wood Volkswagen we absolutely can get on board with a future that features so many environmentally friendly automobiles. It looks like that future is well on its way, and we're excited to see how the tech and design in this forthcoming concept actually finds its way into new VW vehicles moving forward!
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