If Indianapolis, IN customers all had their druthers, each and every one of them would purchase the brand new VW car of their dreams whenever they decided to buy a new car or SUV, but the world obviously doesn't work that way. Varying budgets and familial needs impact the way people buy their cars every single day, and here at Tom Wood Volkswagen we try to accommodate those diverse needs by offering up a variety of financing options which just so happen to include both purchasing the vehicle outright and leasing it, usually for around 36 months.

The question then is which option is best for you? If you are going to take the deep dive and purchase that brand new automobile, which is the best way to go?

The short answer is that it's complicated. Every driver has different needs, so there is no one-size-fits-all solution to financing. For example, if you're the type of person who really just wants to pay down their auto loan as quickly as possible so they can live on in perpetuity without that particular monthly expense, then leasing is not the answer. Yes, monthly lease payments generally are lower, but they never end. Those who buy do eventually get some relief.

Lower monthly payments do matter for some people, though, and leases provide those. They also allow for customers to trade in their Volkswagen Jetta or Volkswagen Tiguan every two or three years for the most recent version of those vehicles. Those who lease get to drive the newest vehicles so much more often than those who don't, which matters quite a bit to certain customers, as well.

To determine whether you should buy or lease, simply think about what kind of customer you are and pick the appropriate option. Either way, we've got plenty of great options to help you get the best deals possible!
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