The Tom Wood Automotive Group recognizes that all businesses can have a direct or indirect impact on their local, regional, and global environment. As a result, all Tom Wood dealerships have developed a "green policy" in order to minimize our environmental impact.

"We take great pride in considering the environment when performing recommended oil/filter change service for your Volkswagen!"

  • Service intervals for most late model Volkswagen vehicles are now 10,000 miles or 12 months, as a result of the (required) use of superior quality synthetic oils as well as factory designed long-life oil filters.
  • We use full synthetic, factory recommended oil blends + a VW factory filter for the oil/filter change on your Volkswagen.
  • Our full synthetic oil change service is "GREEN"! 100% of the oil drained from your vehicle is recycled and used for heating our Service Department area-NO NEGATIVE ENVIRONMENTAL EFFECTS!
  • Plus, the price is right: $69.95-includes tax and shop fees-we have the LOWEST PRICE FULL SYNTHETIC OIL/FILTER CHANGE FOR VW vehicles in the Indianapolis area!