Late last month, Volkswagen did something bold in revealing the new Volkswagen I.D. concept vehicle at the Paris Auto Show, giving Indianapolis, IN Volkswagen fans an interesting sneak peek into what really could be the future of the brand. While we continue to enjoy selling the models that we currently carry here at Tom Wood VW, we also can't help but get excited when something new and revolutionary finds its way into the stable, and it really does sound like there are plans to get the VW I.D. to production in some form or another in the coming years.

What makes the VW I.D. so interesting is not necessarily that it's an all-electric automobile because there are plenty of those available for sale and in development right now. The big selling point on this vehicle is its massive electric range of 373 miles on a single charge, obviously a lot more than we're used to seeing from the current batch of EVs that really only allow for a daily drive to work and back on a reasonable commute. This extended range would be life changing, as it allows for a full day's worth of driving without having to stop and recharge.

The vehicle itself is not particularly edgy in its design, but it does look more modern than the current crop of new VW cars, suggesting that it could be rather close to the version of the vehicle that finds its way to production. It also could end up looking very different, but what we do know is that the automaker has plans to develop new EVs, and the Volkswagen I.D. concept is sure to have plenty in common with those vehicles. It's a start, and it's one that our customers in Indianapolis, IN should be very excited to witness.

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