Brake System Fluid Exchange and Flush Service

Brake System Fluid Exchange and Flush Service in Indianapolis, IN

Your brake system is the most important safety feature that your car has. That being said, it does take some time and effort to properly maintain.

What is a Brake System Fluid Exchange and Flush Service?

In order for your hydraulic brakes to work, you must have hydraulic brake fluid. This fluid operates under extremely high pressure. The fluid travels down the brake lines to the calipers and signals that they need to clamp down on the pads and rotors to help stop the car. Without brake fluid, your car is not going to stop, plain and simple. When you push the brake pedal inside your car it starts the braking process. A brake system fluid exchange and flush is the draining of your existing brake fluid, the flushing of the lines and system to remove sediment and dirt, and replacement with new brake fluid that is specified for your car.

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Why Should I have Brake System Fluid Exchange and Flush Service?

As you drive and your brake fluid ages, it can become dirty, change color and consistency, and even reduce in volume. It is important that you take the time to get your fluid changed so that your brakes can function at full capacity and so that they can stop your car when you need them to. This is a fairly simple service that can be completed in as little as a day and that can make a huge difference in how safe your car is overall.

What happens if I Delay a Brake System Fluid Exchange and Flush Service?

Delaying this type of service, especially if you know your car needs it, is going to result in a brake system that cannot do its job. As the brake system ages and the fluid changes in viscosity, age, and volume, your brakes become less and less effective. You should change your fluid to make sure your brake fluid and brake system are doing what they should be and that you are going to be able to stop when needed. Exchanging brake fluid is a typical service that most car manufacturers put on the routine maintenance schedule.

Why Choose Tom Wood Volkswagen for your Brake System Fluid Exchange and Flush Service?

Tom Wood Volkswagen has a comfortable waiting area for customers, a team of highly trained and skilled technicians that can get our car repaired and back on the road sooner, a large fleet of loaner cars and so much more. They also offer complimentary coffee and wifi as well as a children's play area to keep the little ones occupied while you wait. They offer a full range of services and are ready and waiting to get you going again.