Tom Wood Volkswagen Trade-Ins Offer Great Value


Here at Tom Wood Volkswagen, we want to give Greenwood, IN customers the fairest offer possible for their used automobiles because we understand how important that trade-in money is when it comes to nailing down a monthly payment for a new Volkswagen Passat or Volkswagen Golf. Frankly, there is no easier way to sell your old vehicle than to bring it in for trade the day you buy a new one. No other option is…

Should Tom Wood VW Customers Buy or Lease?

If Indianapolis, IN customers all had their druthers, each and every one of them would purchase the brand new VW car of their dreams whenever they decided to buy a new car or SUV, but the world obviously doesn't work that way. Varying budgets and familial needs impact the way people buy their cars every single day, and here at Tom Wood Volkswagen we try to accommodate those diverse needs by offering up a…

Production of 2018 VW Atlas Begins


Earlier this fall we were given news that a brand new Volkswagen SUV would eventually make its way to our facility here at Tom Wood VW, but at the time all we were told is that the vehicle would be called the VW Atlas and that it would be considered quite the traveler. Now, however, the news about this slick new crossover is much more tangible, as it officially started production on December 14. In…

Six VW Vehicles Named IIHS Top Safety Picks

Over the course of the last ten years or so there has been a tremendous explosion of new technologies in the arena of safety. In fact, vehicles got so adept at passing even the toughest of Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's crash tests that it seemed as though there were exponentially more Top Safety Pick vehicles than not.

When the IIHS introduced even tougher tests, automakers like VW responded by developing even more intelligent…

Choose a Certified Pre-Owned VW Car!

Buying a new vehicle is one of the most thrilling experiences a human being can have because, frankly, it's hard to resist the shine and glamour and bells and whistles of a brand new Volkswagen automobile. Buying a used Volkswagen automobile can be just as thrilling, though, particularly if it's the sort of used model that comes with the perks of the Tom Wood Volkswagen Certified Pre-Owned program.


Winterize Your Vehicle at Tom Wood Volkswagen

It probably isn't news that the weather can get pretty crummy here in Indianapolis between December and March, and considering how many commuters and holiday travelers navigate our roads despite the onslaught of ice and snow, it probably is an appropriate time for us to discuss how to prepare your vehicle for this frigid season. Here in the Midwest, winterizing your vehicle at your friendly neighborhood Volkswagen service center is something every driver really…

VW Golf Models Among Car & Driver's "10Best" Again

When it comes to handing out annual accolades, Car and Driver magazine likes to keep it as simple as possible by flat-out naming the vehicles they think are the best in a given year. Their "10Best" list, which looks at value, performance, and customer satisfaction, has been around for years, and the VW Golf is a model that always seems to finds its way onto it. In fact, this marks the 11th consecutive year that…

Volkswagen Debuts New VW Passat GT Concept

Here at Tom Wood Volkswagen, we've been waiting quite a while for the L.A. Auto show, mostly because we've known that VW would have something fun up its sleeve for tech-hungry California patrons, and based on the returns it certainly looks as if our patience has paid off. VW debuted the Volkswagen Passat GT concept vehicle at this year's exhibition, and while we don't yet know whether it will find…

Volkswagen Planning Modern Version of VW Microbus

Everybody knows that the old VW Microbus was one of the most successful models ever manufactured by the German automaker, and as such there have been several concept vehicles over the years that have been designed with sights set on rejuvenating the popular little people-pusher. It all culminated earlier this year when Volkswagen debuted the BUDD-e concept at auto shows. As an attractive and practical modernized version of the VW Microbus, it turned plenty of…

More Details on 2018 Volkswagen Atlas SUV

Last month we passed on that Volkswagen had decided to call its new seven-passenger SUV the VW Atlas, a name that obviously makes a lot of sense for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that an atlas is the name for a book of maps. We can see this VW SUV as the perfect road trip vehicle: "Atlas" is a name that absolutely associates itself with travel.

Now, however, we know…


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