Engine Air Filter Replacement

What is an Engine Air Filter Replacement in Indianapolis, IN?

Your engine air filter is more important than most people imagine. This tiny filter makes sure that your engine is getting enough clean air, free of debris and dirt. Your engine air filter needs to be changed more often than you think. In most cases, you can get this filter changed when you get your oil changed. This type of filter is going to be fast and inexpensive to change but it does make a big difference in the way that your engine runs and works overall.

Why Should I have My Engine Air Filter Replaced

You should be getting your engine air filter changed often to make sure the air that is being put into your engine is clean and free of contaminants. This type of service is considered to be part of the routine maintenance of your car and is vital to the overall health of the engine. The air filter makes sure that there are no big pieces of dirt or grime getting into the engine that might cause a fire or choke out the engine. It also helps the engine get the right amount of air to perform the way you want it to.

Tom Wood Volkswagen Dealership

Never Replacing Your Engine Air Filter Can Harm Your Engine

Delaying this type of service is going to end in your engine not getting enough air, your engine may choke out, and you may smell a strange smell coming from your engine. You want an air filter that is clean so it can properly regulate the air and provide clean air to the engine. This is a simple service that takes only minutes to perform and that is also relatively inexpensive and easy to have done.

Tom Wood Volkswagen Service Center

Tom Woods Volkswagen offers a fantastic facility that has Saturday and late-night drop off hours. We also have express service for routine maintenance like filter changes. We offer a comfortable customer waiting area that has a place for the kids to play. If you have to leave your car they also have loaner cars and shuttle service as needed.